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MonsterDPF.com's "Reman Program" is a significant step further toward our guarantee that we give each of our customers - "100% Satisfaction". And for that purpose, Monster dpf .com initiated a "Reman Program" designed with an emphasis on diminishing; (and in some cases) completely eliminating the "turnaround" typically required time to service the DPF and other emission systems on diesel trucks big and small. Contact us to initiate the Reman Program today.

All Monster DPF.com "Reman" DPF Filters are priced as follows:

  1. The Customer can begin the ReMan Program at Anytime and at No Charge; however, the customer must have an acceptable core.
  2. If the customer does not have an acceptable core at time of startup 700.00 core charge will apply at the initiation of the ReMan cycle.
  3. The customer installs the "Swap" components on the vehicle; Then must send the Now Removed "Exchange" parts to "Monster DPF.com".
  4. When the customer needs a "Reman" part, "Monster DPF.com" will send the "Reman" parts  to the customer.

The "Reman" parts will be "Certified Clean". When any part fails in the "Reman Cycle", it will be replaced free of charge. This applies to both the DPF and the DOC. [The DOC / DPF must be in the "Reman Cycle". Only parts in this Cycle will be covered.] It is the customer's option to participate in either "Program" ["Reman" or "Certified Clean"] Participating in the "Reman" Program means the customer will never pay a "Core Charge" [Free Replacement]; to replace a failed DOC or DPf Filter. If the customer is only using the "Certified Clean" Service, any part which fails in the "Certified Clean" Process; will be replaced at the Customers expense. Monsterdpf.com "NO FAIL" Policy. "Reman" DPF Filters and DOC Catalysts: DPF Filter all part numbers: $1200.00* plus core. [all cores considered acceptable] DOC Catalysts all part numbers $1200.00* plus core. [all cores considered acceptable] Call Now for significant Fleet Discount pricing. *Except Caterpillar parts. ""Certified Clean" service only. "Certified Clean" DPF Filter - $450.00 "Certified Clean" DOC Catalysts - $350.00 All "Certified Clean" service is covered with the "Super Clean Guaranty" 7 months / 70,000 miles / 700 hours !!!

The "Monster DPF.com" "Reman Program" - Maintenance is based on Duty Cycle.
Severe Duty - [Waste Disposal, Recycle, Transit Bus, Off Road Equipment] 90 days up to 180 days; replacement interval.
Heavy Duty - [over the road, class 8 trucks] 1 yr. or 150,000 up to 200,000 miles; Replacement interval.
Medium Duty - [regional/local, single traction axle, class 4 thru 7] 75,000 up to 150,000 miles; replacement interval.
Light Duty - [GMC, Dodge, Ford, Isuzu, Hino, all other light trucks] 75,000 up to 150,000 miles; replacement interval.

Monster DPF.com reserves the right to replace the serviceable parts with any applicable replacement part needed to complete the "Reman" service rotation; for the requested application. Please direct any questions to Paul Churchill, owner/operations manager, Monster DPF.com 504-952-8526 off. / 985-276-0100 cell.